Thursday, June 4, 2009

My latest diet trick: B.Y.O.D.

Now that my husband and I have finally, finally found a great babysitter and are enjoying weekly 'date nights' again, there is brand new threat to my figure:


It's funny, we've been so busy with our daughter, and with no family around to help us out, this hadn't been an issue for a long time, we hadn't been out in ages. I had forgotten how delicious food could be when someone else prepared it (and washed the dishes afterward), and what it was like to have time alone with my husband. I had even almost forgotten how to walk in high heels. Life sure changes when a baby comes into the picture...

Unfortunately though, I hadn't forgotten how to stuff my face with a three-course meal and wash it down with half a bottle of wine. With bathing suit season and our annual trip to Croatia fast approaching, I want to watch it a little. I needed to learn how to eat in restaurants again without overdoing it. I knew I had to substitute something somewhere in order to be able to keep enjoying drinks and dinners out on the town without wrecking all the progress I've made with my workouts. I knew I had to give something up without sacrificing pleasure.

My trick? I call it B.Y.O.D., 'bring your own dessert'. Oh, and yes I am well aware that it's a touch obsessive-compulsive, but it's working so far. Dessert is a major weakness for me, and after a great meal in a restaurant who doesn't want to finish with something sweet and decadent? The problem is, most desserts are humongous and can have almost a day's worth of calories in one serving. Not to mention, the more expensive the dessert, the more I feel compelled to get my money's worth and finish every last fat and sugar-laden bite on the plate.

So I decided bring my own, smaller dessert to eat in the car on the way home.

Usually, it's a couple of squares of dark chocolate in a Ziploc bag that I keep in my purse, I try to keep it to under 100 calories. I don't always eat them, but I know they're there, and that's enough to save me from the evil creme brulee or the chocolate souffle.