Monday, November 23, 2009

My Botox Alternatives, Part 1

'Frownies On... Frown Lines Gone!'
'Hollywood's Beauty Secret For Over 100 Years!'
'Made In USA Since 1889'
'Guaranteed results in 30 days or less.'

These are just a few of the exciting claims written on my little box of Frownies,
and since I somehow lost the original copy of this post, I am wearing a Frownie right now to get rid of the pained look on my face...

Speaking of that 'pained look' you wouldn't believe how many facial expressions you make in your sleep until you peel a Frownie off your smooth, relaxed brow the following morning. I have been using this product on and off for 6 years now and they work like magic. 'On and off' because every once in a while I get tired of my husband teasing me for coming to bed looking like I 'joined some bizarre cult', they are not sexy, that's for sure. I also like to take a break to see if my retrained facial muscles actually revert back to their old selves. Inevitably they do.

These very simple and easy to use little patches have been manufactured, formula unchanged, by the same family since 1889, and have reportedly been a favourite of glamorous beauties like Gloria Swanson, Dayle Haddon, and Renee Russo. Though the box claims guaranteed results after 30 days, I find I see results after about 14 days of consistent use, and the price can't be beat. $19.99 will give you 144 mornings of unfurrowed brow with no headaches or downtime vs. $425 (in my neck of the woods, anyway) for botox.

I also like that you can slip Frownies in your Christmas cards before you send them, after all, don't your loved ones also deserve to wake up with a line-free forehead at some point during this holiday season?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lift Your Bosom With Botox...

I'm starting to wonder if there's anything Botox can't do:

I haven't 'Botoxed' anything yet, but I'm sure I will sometime in the future. For now I have two products that I'm using to prevent the number eleven from planting itself firmly between my brows, with success so far. More to come on those products very soon.