Sunday, May 31, 2009

Vintage perfume commercials

Remember these?

Le Jardin with Jane Seymour

I'm gonna have an Aviance night!

Jontue ('Sensual, but not too far from innocence...')

And my favourite, Chanel No. 5 with Carole Bouquet and Marilyn Monroe

I loved this commercial so much that I actually bought myself a bottle of Chanel No. 5 with money I earned delivering newspapers. I was convinced that I was the most glamorous 12-year old on the block.

So what fragrances are you wearing this spring/summer? I'm currently testing out a few, but have yet to decide what's bottle-worthy.

UPDATE (August 19, 2009): So far this summer, my favourite has been Child Perfume Oil, a musky pikake blend that has been getting lots of compliments.

Friday, May 15, 2009

MAC Prep + Prime Lip, it's LOVE!

Well who knew I needed a lip primer???

When I stopped by the MAC counter the other day to replace my beloved 'Brave' lipstick, I had never before even considered that maybe my lips could use a good priming. Now that I'm a believer in primers (see Monistat post in archives) I'm open to trying them all. MAC's lip primer is excellent.

As per the MAC artist's instructions, I apply the product (directly from the tube) onto my lips and wait a couple of minutes until it starts to feel a little tacky. I then apply my lip color (lipstick or gloss, it seems to work well with both). My lips feel moisturized, color goes on very smooth and even, and my lips even look a little plumper and, dare I say, younger! My lipstick lasts dramatically longer, and my darker colors don't travel above the lip line or look noticeably worn off in the middle after a few hours of wear. Lovely!

Friday, May 8, 2009


Well, it's finally getting warm enough here in Montreal for open-toed shoes, so a few days ago I had the chance to road-test (literally!) my new FitFlop Walkstars. So far, I had only been wearing them in the house. The other day I took a good, long power walk in my FitFlops so I could bring you this exciting review.

First of all, they are very, very comfortable to walk in. Lightweight, bouncy, and zero 'breaking in' time. The positioning and thickness of the straps across the top of the feet make them feel very secure, so you're not using the muscles on the top of your foot to keep them on. Unlike most thong-style flip flops, you can really pick up some speed wearing these. Even though the manufacturer claims they have a 'built-in micro-wobbleboard workout-enhancing effect' I certainly didn't notice a difference in my walking.

What I did notice though, was that my hamstrings were sore for the next couple of days after. So they definitely do something! I haven't changed anything with my workouts, so I know for sure it was the FitFlops working their magic. Hooray!

The only downside, they are not pretty. They are even clunkier looking in real life. I would never wear these with shorts or a skirt, they are not flattering. I consider them to be kind of like control top panties, something you keep hidden while it works for you, like a frumpy little secret. I like to wear mine with extra-long yoga pants while I chase my toddler around. Sometimes that's a workout in itself, with or without the FitFlops.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Retro hair product commercials

Remember these?

Uncover your highlights! Discover your glow!

Lotsa hair from Prell

Sometimes you need a little Finesse, sometimes you need a lot!


More Alberto, I couldn't resist.

And finally, who knew a home perm could turn you into such a bitch?

Saturday, May 2, 2009

One of my time-saving favourites

If you're busy, whether you're a mom like me or just a busy gal in general, you may find there are days when you just don't have time to wash your hair. Men are so lucky they can just wash and go, but for us women sometimes we need the 'shower hour' just to feel like a human being again. I know I do. So, for those times when you'd like to leave the house, and you want your unwashed hair to look decent, I have the solution.

Klorane Extra Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Extract is a fabulous product. I've always liked the idea of a dry shampoo (sounds convenient and it is!) and I've been on the hunt for a good one for ages, and I've pretty much tried them all. In my opinion, this one is the best and it's one of the less expensive brands, you can find it for under $15 and a little goes a long way. It smells pretty good too.

To use, simply lift up sections of your hair and spray the roots, concentrating more on the top of your head and along the natural parting. You don't need much, usually eight quick sprays does it for me (2 on each side and 4 on top). Allow the product to sit on your hair for about 5 minutes to absorb the oil, and then brush it out with a bristle brush. You definitely need a bristle brush (natural is better) to whisk the powder off your scalp and distribute it evenly through the roots and down the hair shaft. Voila, your hair is silky, voluminous and fresh-smelling, and no one but you knows you didn't wash it today.

UPDATE: In the June 2009 issue of InStyle, busy mom (of twins!) Rebecca Romijn also mentions this product as one of her favourites.