Friday, May 15, 2009

MAC Prep + Prime Lip, it's LOVE!

Well who knew I needed a lip primer???

When I stopped by the MAC counter the other day to replace my beloved 'Brave' lipstick, I had never before even considered that maybe my lips could use a good priming. Now that I'm a believer in primers (see Monistat post in archives) I'm open to trying them all. MAC's lip primer is excellent.

As per the MAC artist's instructions, I apply the product (directly from the tube) onto my lips and wait a couple of minutes until it starts to feel a little tacky. I then apply my lip color (lipstick or gloss, it seems to work well with both). My lips feel moisturized, color goes on very smooth and even, and my lips even look a little plumper and, dare I say, younger! My lipstick lasts dramatically longer, and my darker colors don't travel above the lip line or look noticeably worn off in the middle after a few hours of wear. Lovely!

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