Thursday, November 27, 2008

A really great eyebrow tip

A while back I found a fabulous eyebrow pencil, the colour was perfect for me and the consistency was great. Then I got it home and remembered why I don't usually like eyebrow pencils. They tend to make such a heavy line and most of the time give brows that look of being tattooed on. Yes, you can blend them out with a spooly (mascara wand-type brush) but often by the time you've blended enough, the skin around your brows is red, you've stirred up a bunch of flakes of dry skin in your eyebrows, and some of your makeup has been scratched off. This is worst-case scenario, of course, but I've seen it happen many times. Brow powder isn't much better. Although it's more subtle and makes a softer line (and it's easier to use) it can look really dry and even kind of dusty on the skin. It's also less long-lasting and less precise.

So here's my solution: Apply your eyebrow pencil with an eyebrow brush. Just sharpen that pencil and scrape the side of the 'lead' onto your brush. This way, when you apply, you get the control and ease of using a brush, along with the softer line of a brush. You also get a more natural look because the emollients in the pencil, and your line will be more precise and long-lasting. Hurray!

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