Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy Birthday to...Me!

Today I started my day the same way I always do on my birthday, with a good look in the mirror. I had to see if anything had changed since yesterday, when I was still only 35 years old. Now that I'm 36 and past the midpoint of my thirties, I guess I was expecting to somehow look and feel different today. Well, actually, I do. I feel like I'm succeeding in my mission to look healthy and feel great.

In the past year, I've discovered some fantastic products (Prevage, I love you!), developed some good habits (exercise and more exercise) and read some great books. I feel more in touch with myself and more sure of what fits into my life and what doesn't. I am more confident in saying no and burning bridges. I love that about getting older. I love watching my daughter grow and learn so many new things. More and more motherhood is feeling like my greatest and most rewarding accomplishment.

Of course I'm still planning to do all I can to look and feel 25 by the time I'm 40, though. Taking good care of your body is a great accomplishment and the perfect birthday gift to yourself.

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