Sunday, September 20, 2009

Do-It-Yourself Eyebrow Threading

My friend Daphne, a gorgeous Audrey Hepburn lookalike with enviably thick and perfectly arched eyebrows, recently confessed to me that she 'threads' them herself. She swears by it to clean up under the brows and take care of any other unwanted hair on the face.

I had only ever seen threading done by the beautiful Persian girls I went to hairdressing school with. I would watch them on our lunch hour, their fingers moving the thread with surprising speed and precision. It looked complicated, like one of those skills I'd never quite pick up unless I'd been born to a Middle-Eastern family where sisters and mothers and aunts taught me from an early age. I had never seen anyone do it on themselves so it certainly never even occurred to me to attempt it, but after having it done professionally a few times, my friend Daphne was determined to do it herself. After spending much time browsing YouTube for the most informative tutorial, she sent me this link to the one she found most helpful:

Another reason I never learned more about threading is that I don't have much to thread. I'm nervous to try it on my sparse and skinny eyebrows as there isn't much to work with and zero margin for errors. In recent years though, I have sprouted some strange little hairs on my chin that I've been tweezing. Since threading is faster than tweezers and gentler to the skin than waxing, I think this could be a better solution for me.

One last tip, Daphne recommends 100% cotton thread, as it grips the hairs better. Let me know how you make out if you try it.

Happy threading!

(Note: Towards the end of the YouTube video there is a part where the eyebrows are trimmed with manicure scissors, ignore this, eyebrow trimming is 95% of the time a terrible idea.)

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