Friday, March 27, 2009

Shaping up for Spring

I have been really determined lately to get in fantastic shape for this summer. I have been working hard at it through winter, and it's paying off. I want my body looking twenty-five, dammit! I am a huge fan of working out at home, here are my favourite dvds so far:

Tracy Effinger 'Squeeze' (Killer! I am sore in the craziest places, it works)
Ellen Barrett 'Yogini' Workout (Great for flexibility, LOVE the instructor)
Leslie Sansone '5-Mile Fat Burning Walk' (Fun, easy, and effective cardio)
Kathy Smith 'Great Buns and Thighs Step Workout' (More intense cardio + sculpting)
Jari Love 'Slim and Lean' (Awesome workout with weights)

All these dvds can be previewed at I have been purchasing from Collage because of their great customer service and 30-day return policy, even on opened dvds or videos. Also, they have a team of fitness instructors that actually do the workouts and rate them (from beginner to advanced) and you get a full description of what the workout is, including a breakdown of the minutes. Also check out:

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