Monday, April 20, 2009

Idebenone: Restoring my faith in 'hope in a jar'

Last week I started using Elizabeth Arden's Prevage Night Cream. I had been reading so much news lately (in almost every magazine out there) about how idebenone (the magic ingredient in Prevage) is the best new antioxidant out there, and one of the strongest, so naturally I just had to try. Besides, my skin had been looking really tired and withered lately, I needed something to perk me up. I'm happy to report that so far, I LOVE IT!!! In only one week, my skin seems firmer, pores smaller, and my fine lines (and not-so-fine creases in my forehead) are looking less noticeable. Hallelujah, right? Not so fast, I have also been reading user reviews of Prevage claiming allergic reactions weeks and even months after using it on a regular basis. So far though, no reviewers are saying that it's ineffective, and some even go as far as to say that people who had reactions may be using Prevage incorrectly. In any case, you definitely want to do the recommended patch test before you apply it all over your face. I'm being cautious, not using too much, and crossing my fingers and toes that my skin loves it forever, or at least until the next best, must-have thing comes along.

UPDATE (August, 2009): I am crazy about Prevage and have since started using the Anti-aging Treatment instead of the night cream, which I found a touch heavy for the warmer weather. No reactions whatsoever, and my skin looks great!

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